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Audio Technique Issue 366 Mar 2012
"令香港人引以為傲的產品 Volent Paragon VL-2" ---> Volent Paragon VL-2 (download PDF Full Review copy)
The Absolute Sound Issue 216 Oct 2011
"Volent Paragon VL-2 SE Loudspeaker State-Of-The-Art On Sale" ---> Volent VL-2 SE (download PDF Full Review copy)
AV雙周 Issue 130
"一隻喇叭的誕生 Volent喇叭生產過程解密"
---> Volent (download PDF Full Review copy)
Clement Perry, June 2009
"My first exposure to Volent loudspeakers was at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show and later that same year at the Munich High-End Show. Based solely on their well-sculptured look and high-gloss finish, I assumed this new loudspeaker was either Italian or French. No matter the event, whether the '07 Munich, HE and Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, or the '08 CES and Munich Show, Volent loudspeakers were present in one incarnation or another (there are both floor and stand-mount models among Volent's Choral and Paragon series)...." ---> Volent VL-3 (download PDF Full Review copy)
HiFi音響 Issue 261 Mar 2008
"VL-3即時演繹出一幅十分令人信服的音響畫面,動態強烈,定位出色,整體平衡度高,鼓樂入於線條明朗,低音結他彈跳力足,以high hat的敲擊聲尤其清澈晶瑩。眼前的VL-3確實能夠還原出母帶內一點一滴的現場氣氛和細節,証明它擁有high end器材才有的高分析特質。VL-3此組合則能在舞者solo時,有時偏左,有時偏右,快速連踏台板,在舞台震盪時產生的一浸浸低頻,再加上現場錄音的殘響,熱情洋溢,澎湃非常。又到第八首Heart of Glass,Nah小姐一出場,人聲暖厚,感情依舊豐富,咬字依然肉緊,叮聲在右後方散射開來,VL-3雙帶式高音果然厲害。"
---> Volent VL-3 (download PDF Full Review copy)
Neil Walker, Mar 2008
"These speakers presented me with recorded music that possessed clarity, openness, precision, musicality, internal detail, accurate phasing, deep musical bass (25Hz) and a realistic, deep soundstage. The VL-3s have musical magic. Their clarity and lightness comes from the fast response and rapid deceleration of the individual parts that good engineering and careful manufacture provide..." ---> Volent VL-3 (download PDF Full Review copy)
Uday Reddy, Nov 2007
"One of the most striking features of this speaker is its bass extension and quality. How Volent achieved such depth with only a 7" woofer and a relatively small enclosure is a marvel of engineering. Not only does the bass seem to extend down to 28Hz, but it's tight and tuneful with no distortion..." ---> Volent VL-3 (download PDF Full Review copy)
Srajan Ebaen,, USA
"I believe that in this price range and beyond and for a stand mount, you'd be foolish not to first listen to this speaker. Its hardware is top notch, its construction without compromise and..." ---> Volent VL-2 (download PDF Full Review copy)